DIY: Cobra Stitch Bracelet


When I was a kid, one of my favorite crafting materials was plastic lace. I would make' boondoggles and beaded geckos to give to all my friends. After discovering the cobra stitch bracelet, which incorporated plastic lace, I knew I had to make one... or ten.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Plastic lace string (available at any craft store), a chain with removable links (also available at any craft store), pliers, scissors, and patience

1. Watch this video from 0:52 to 1:59. It will tell you how much string to cut. You should end up with one short string, and one long one.
2. Using the pliers, cut the chain link to your desired length.
3. Loop your short strand of plastic lace through a link at one end of the chain.
4. Watch this video from 4:05 to 6:05. It will teach you how to make a cobra knot. Begin making cobra knots until there is about one inch of your short lace strand peeking out from underneath.
5. If like the look of one cobra knots and would like your bracelet to be done, see tip D below for tying instructions. If you plan to make another layer of knots for a thicker bracelet, tie off the ends by tying the two long strands together in a double knot. Make sure the knots are tight, and cut off the excess string.

If you only want one layer of cobra knots on your bracelet, skip to #9. If you would like to add another layer for a thicker bracelet, continue reading.

6. See tip C below to see how much string you will need for this second layer.
7. Continue as you did with your previous layer of cobra knots. You are basically making another layer of knots.
8. See tip D for tying instructions.
9. Using the pliers, open the chain link that is not yet attached to your bracelet. Loop the chain link into any knot at the end of your cobra knot row. Secure.

  • A. To prevent kinks in your bracelet, make sure the plastic lace is always flat, and never twisted. I made the mistake of not paying attention to this detail while making the pink bracelet. You can see the difference in the last picture.
  • B. To ensure security, pull each knot very tightly.
  • C. If you wish to make your bracelet wider by doing a second layer of cobra knots, hold your arms out so that your body is making a T. The length of string you will need should be equivalent to the length of your arms, from fingertip to fingertip.
  • D. To tie off your finished product, make a knot at each end of the "long" string. Make sure the knot is as close to the base of your bracelet as possible. Only do this if you are not planning on making another layer of cobra knots. Make sure the knots are tight, and cut off the excess string.
  • E. Your bracelet should easily slide on and off. If you are worried that it won't, it is always safe to get a clasp set. You can find one at any craft store for a few dollars.
Good luck, and don't hesitate to leave questions in the comments!


Alyssa May Edwards said...

I don't think I can possibly explain how obsessed I am with both of those bracelets. I love the sparkly one I've never seen that color before! Awesome instructions I will have to make some of these beauties!


Libby said...

Super cute! Might have to try this!
Libby at

Preppy & Funny said...

Really like the idea! Don't know if i'll be able to do it on my own though.. :p
Great blog!

Eleanor said...

omg these are so cute!! i need to make one for myself! (although i doubt i will be that good first try! haha)
ALSO, whats a boondoggle?!?