Do the Puyallup


This past weekend, I went to the Puyallup Fair for the first time. For those of you who aren't familiar with it-- the Puyallup Fair is the largest state fair in Washington. It is highly publicized, and thousands of people go each year. In fact, so many people went this past Saturday, it took R and I three hours to get there from Seattle. We were extremely close to turning around. I'm glad we didn't, because we wouldn't have gotten to enjoy amazing BBQ, to-die-for scones, ridiculous inventions, and good company. And no, we didn't have any Deep Fried Butter.

R from behind-- with an amazing high-waisted skirt and Marc Jacobs satchel


Eleanor said...

aww i love that first picture.. so cute! :)
what a nice day.. wish we had suff like this in ireland - we have nothing this classy! its like the fair from the notebook!
on a side note, DEEP FRIED BUTTER.... WHAT?!!?!

Preppy & Funny said...

Love the first picture! Seems like you had a great time!

Preppy & Funny said...

OMG My computer looks so cute! hahaha


aki! said...

I'm all for the occasional deep fried food. Candy bars and ice cream are all things that I'd try.... ... But Butter? ICK.

Nana Granada said...

wow i wish we have this kind of events here in our place.. i really want to go to carnivals lol. thanks for visiting my blog dear.