Leather Accents

image via elle street tumblr

A trend I'm excited to see around this fall is leather accents. Different from a leather jacket, or liquid leggings, leather accents give an even more trendy twist to the classic ways leather has been styled in the past.

Looking to try out this trend yourself? Check out my recommendations:
1. bebe Mixed Media Trench via Nordstrom $139 SALE
2. Lily White Faux Leather Peplum Tank via Nordstrom B.P. $38
3. Faux Leather Sleeved T-Shirt via ZARA $25.90


Alyssa May Edwards said...

I just got some riding leggings from H&M and love them! Only $12! I am all for this trend!


Eleanor said...

really want the zara tshirt... zara are perfection at the moment in general!
you can never go wrong with a bit of leather :)

aki! said...

I'm not generally into leather, but honestly, that's how I start out most trends.

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Anonymous said...

Loving that first shot, so chic!

Preppy & Funny said...

Love it!

A Wild Tonic said...

I'm a big fan of leather elbow patches on sweaters! So classic.

Melisa Nicole said...

Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog. I just gave you a follow and hope you will stop by my blog again soon to follow me back too!

I'm loving this post about the leather accents by the way! I'm obsessed with little bits of leather for Fall :)