This is Oliver. He's my family's new Exotic Shorthair kitten, and we've had him for about a week. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with crinkle balls, string, and plastic applesauce spoons. He also loves to sleep on his baby blanket, and eat Fancy Feast chicken. Oliver will probably be popping up on my blog and Instagram a lot from now on, so I thought it would be appropriate to formally introduce him to the blogging world. Meow.


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

He is beautiful.
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Alyssa May Edwards said...

Oh my gosh look at his sweet little face. I love him!!!! I have no problem seeing more pictures of this handsome guy!


Eleanor said...

he is the cutest thing ever!!! aw his little face is adorable! i love him! :)

Mackenzie M. said...

awww so cute!!! gosh I love grumpy looking animals lol I have a bunny and she's also having none of it haha cute blog!

Stay pretty xo