DIY Holiday Gifts for Under $6

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This year, thanks to my crafty friend, K, I've been really into DIY projects. For each thing we've tackled so far, the materials have been inexpensive, which is a definite bonus for a graduate student, like me.

As I was making all of these things, I realized that they would also serve as great gifts. If you're looking for inexpensive, yet chic DIY gifts for the women in your life this holiday season, I highly recommend the projects included in the picture above.

Tips, tricks, and tutorials:


Rebecca said...

Great ideas! I am always looking for a fun DIY!


Mint. said...

Great post! Very inspirational!

Eleanor said...

really wish i was crafty!! your friend sounds amazing! :)

Melinda said...

Great gift ideas- love the hex bracelet! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog- I am your newest follower :D

Caroline said...

fun DIYs! I'm loving flower hair pins lately for pinning on blazers!

Addy Hanson said...

This is so great bc I've been wanting to get crafty this year for the holidays as well! Great ideas.

aki! said...

I think if I had a crafy friend, I'd really be more into DIYs!