DIY Braided T-Shirt Basket

Since graduating from high school, I've accumulated dozens of old t-shirts that are no longer wearable. Instead of having them collect dust in my closet, I decided to search for a few DIY projects, where the shirts could be put to good use. I ended up finding this braided t-shirt basket tutorial on Pinterest (tutorial here). It used about half of the t-shirt yarn made from three different colored t-shirts, and produced a pretty handy pen holder.

New Year, New Nails

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Any time for celebration calls for vibrant shades, metallics, and glitter. To ring in 2013, I decided to paint my nails with a combination the three. As a long-time fan of red nail polish, I didn't hesitate to choose it as the primary color for this look, along with a deep shade of raspberry, and gold. To tie in the berry-inspired shades with the metallic one, I finished with a fresh coat of gold glitter polish on my ring finger.

new years nails, celebration nails, red nail polish, ombre nails, nail tutorial, nail polish, gold glitter nail polish, berry colored nail polish, new nail ideas
'Manicurist of Seville'  via OPI //'Fiercely Fabulous' via SEPHORA by OPI //'Key to My Art' via Finger Paints //'Only Gold for Me' via SEPHORA by OPI

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles


Today was a good day. I spent the entire afternoon with two of my best friends, K and K. We had a nail painting party, watched Bridesmaids, and made vintage teacup candles (tutorial here). The teacups turned out much cuter than we had anticipated, and although the process was somewhat messy, the end results were more than worth it.

Besides what is included in the tutorial, here are a few additional tips:
-If you don't have a double boiler, you can create your own by placing a large glass bowl over a pot of boiling water.

-Don't worry about overdoing it with the scented oil. We started by adding 6-10 drops, and ended up using much more than that.

-Chip off and dispose of as much wax as you can from the pots and bowls you use for this project. Pouring melted wax down your drain can clog it.

-For a little bit of sparkle, sprinkle a pinch of glitter on the tops of your candles.

Good luck, and have fun! As with any other tutorial I post on here, feel free to comment with any questions.






Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays, from SWEATshirt DRESSshirt! I hope you all have a wonderful night, and find time to relax with loved ones. 'Till next time!

Last-Minute Holiday Nails


Looking for a last minute nail design to wear for the holidays? Check out the following 4 tutorials:

Half-Diamond Mani

nail polish: 'And a Cherry On Top' SEPHORA by OPI // 'Key to My Art' Finger Paints

A twist to the well-known half-moon manicure, the half-diamond manicure is an easy way to add pizazz to otherwise, simply painted nails. To re-create this look, all you need is blue painter's tape, scissors, and two different colored nail polishes.

1. Paint your nails with your base color, and wait several hours for the polish to set and dry.
2. Cut 10 small strips of blue painters tape (see picture below for size reference). At the bottom of each strip, cut out a small triangle. These will be the stencils you use to get perfect half diamonds.
3. One at a time, place the stencils you made in step 2 on to your nails, and paint on your second color. Once the paint is semi-dry, slowly peel off the tape. TIP: I recommend completing one finger at a time. That way, you won't need to struggle with having tape on all your fingers.

Good luck, and feel free to comment with any questions!






Spikes 'N Studs

sweater: F21 $22

Lately, I've been overly obsessed with spikes and studs. They have the ability to add instant trendiness to any outfit, in an effortless way, which is a definite plus for a graduate student, like me.

Here are some of my recommendations for spiked and studded pieces:
1. Knitted Rib Stud Cardigan via Topshop $96
2. B.P. Spike Necklace via Nordstrom B.P. $18
3. Elizabeth Knight Spike Earring via Urban Outfitters $45
4. Studded Ankle Strap Flats via Forever 21 $20
5. Gold Stud Suede Clutch via Topshop $76
6. Studded High Waist Hot Pants via Topshop $70
7. Carole Spike Bracelet via Nordstrom B.P. $12

studs 2

Or, if you're feeling crafty, check out these DIYs by the Honestly, WTF blog:

Hot Cakes


Earlier this week, G and I went to a cakery in Seattle called Hot Cakes. Right as we walked in, the first thing I noticed was the strong, yet sweet chocolate aroma, and the charming decor. After looking at the menu for almost 10 minutes (we couldn't decide!), we ended up getting a Peanut Butter Cup Molten Chocolate Cake, and a glass Butterbeer (a mix of champagne, fresh ginger, homemade butterscotch, and organic apples) to share. Just as we expected, both things were amazingly decadent, and full of flavor.

If you're ever in the Seattle area, I highly recommend going to Hot Cakes, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Even though things there are a bit pricey there, the experience is well worth the money.

Visit them at And no, this is not a sponsored blog post.