DIY Vintage Teacup Candles


Today was a good day. I spent the entire afternoon with two of my best friends, K and K. We had a nail painting party, watched Bridesmaids, and made vintage teacup candles (tutorial here). The teacups turned out much cuter than we had anticipated, and although the process was somewhat messy, the end results were more than worth it.

Besides what is included in the tutorial, here are a few additional tips:
-If you don't have a double boiler, you can create your own by placing a large glass bowl over a pot of boiling water.

-Don't worry about overdoing it with the scented oil. We started by adding 6-10 drops, and ended up using much more than that.

-Chip off and dispose of as much wax as you can from the pots and bowls you use for this project. Pouring melted wax down your drain can clog it.

-For a little bit of sparkle, sprinkle a pinch of glitter on the tops of your candles.

Good luck, and have fun! As with any other tutorial I post on here, feel free to comment with any questions.







Alyssa May Edwards said...

Ahhhh I want to do this so bad!!! :) Maybe I will before school starts again:)


Eleanor said...

ooooh this looks like fun! :)

Sam said...

Love this idea!

floating thru fields said...

this is such a cute idea!! :)

floating thru fields said...

nail painting, candle making and bridesmaid watching.......that sounds like a fun time :)

I really wanna try this candle DIY, it's so cute and clever :)