Combat Boots

Shoes: Steve Madden 'Troopa'

When I saw these boots two years ago, I didn't think twice about them. I saw them as being irrelevant to my personal style, and if anything, they reminded me of a pair of Dr. Martens I had as a kid, that I wasn't too fond of. Fast forward to now. Nordstrom had been promoting the heck out of these boots last fall, and naturally, they caught my attention. I started to realize all the outfits I could wear with these boots, and came to really like them. I ended up getting them for Christmas, and they have slowly become one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Who knew there would be such a turnaround in my taste?
the above picture is dedicated by my good friend, A, who I used to have weekly Laguna Beach and The Hills nights with


Eleanor said...

classic hills quote!! :)

Wendy said...

Okay - I like you :), you shoot w/ a canon and you dig combat boots. I bought my first pair over 20 years ago -LOVE THEM!!! Beautiful blog you have not to mention great taste!!!

Justine said...

I love the look of combat boots. I need to give them a try!

Anonymous said...
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Alyssa May Edwards said...

Haha love that quote!! :) I have become slightly obsessed with mine!


Anonymous said...
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Gaby de Modacapital said...

amazing boots, love them! <3

iesha. said...

thanks for coming by my blog! i liked T+S older stuff but their new stuff is better. Sainthood is when i really started listening and i like The Con as well. in love with Heartthrob!

i love these boots btw!