DIY Bedazzled Bobby Pins

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After a long day of school on Tuesday, my roommate and I needed to do some self-care. Since we didn't have a lot of craft supplies at our place, we came up with the idea of painting bobby pins (well, actually, B did), and here is how they turned out. The glittery ones are probably my favorite.

TOOLS: Bobby pins, scrap paper, and your favorite nail polishes

1. Slide as many bobby pins as you want on to a piece of scrap paper (we used a Trader Joe's bag). Make sure the pins are at least a centimeter apart.
2. Start painting! Depending on the polish, you may need more than one coat on each pin. No need to use a base or top coat.
3. Let dry.

-Try layering different colors of polish (e.g., white and silver glitter) for a unique effect.
-Experiment with different patterns like polka dots, and color blocking.
-Have trouble with deciding on what colors to use? Visit the website of your favorite brand/company to get color palette ideas. My pins in the first picture were inspired by J. Crew.




Justine said...

Oh this is adorable! I think I might give it a try. Instead of using it in my hair, I think I might use it as a "bookmark" since the string fell out of my planner.

aki! said...

I just did something similar with my keys... this is obviously the next step!

Izzie said...

That is such a cute idea!! :) xx I definitely need to try this out!

floating thru fields said...

I never thought about decorating bobby pins :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rocio Ganaza said...

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Marieesbella said...

Love this idea! Very fun and easy to do I will def have to do this myself :)