DIY: Polka-Dotted Jar

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This DIY polka-dotted jar definitely takes the cake for the quickest, yet cutest project. I spent 5-10 minutes on it in total, and in the end, the jar even inspired me to re-arrange my nightstand. I'm not sure what I'll be putting in it yet, but for now, it'll just be something pretty to look at. Read on for directions on how to make your own!

TOOLS: a ceramic/glass mug or jar, gold Sharpie paint pen, and a white piece of paper or napkin

1. Clean the surface of your mug or jar.
2. If your surface is clear, stick a paper towel in your mug or jar to be able to see the dots better.
3. Begin drawing polka dots on your mug or jar's surface. Don't be afraid to experiment with different sized dots.

*If you decide to decorate a mug, or anything you can eat/drink out of, I don't recommend decorating any part of the container where there may be a risk of paint being consumed.



Alyssa May Edwards said...

Sooooo adorable!!! I totally want to make one! I have been wanting to make a coffee mug too because I think they are so cute!


Valérie said...

Such a great and easy idea! I'm so making this, thank you for sharing!

Great post! :D


aki! said...

I have some jars I've been keeping for a DIY. I think I might make something with an aztec print. Thanks for the idea.

Also, I tried to do the Begin Again nails you posted from a while back.... I am inept at flowers. Had to scrap 'em. =( I am wearing blue and white though.