DIY Decorative Bottle

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Last Tuesday, I had the day off from internship and school. My plans were to spend the day at my apartment, blogging, surfing the web, and being worry-free. As I'm setting up, I realized that I had forgotten my laptop charger. It was still at my parents' house, from when I went to go visit them over the weekend. My initial reaction: panic. What was a girl supposed to do without a dead laptop, no TV, and no one to hang out with (all my friends were at work)? Luckily, I was then able to remember my new craft bin, and how I had stowed it in my trunk two days prior. After making the trek to my car (OK-- it actually wasn't that far), I realized that even then, I had little supplies, and not wanting to take a trip to the store, I needed to be creative. After taking a look at some of the things I had: a few empty bottles and jars, acrylic paint, packaging tape, Q-Tips, and mini sticky notes, here is what I came up with:

TOOLS: See list above. Important: Instead of packaging tape and mini sticky notes, I suggest using blue painter's tape. Also, instead of Q-Tips, I suggest using a paint brush.


1. Peel any labels off of your bottle or jar. If you're having trouble, try soaking your bottle in warm/hot water for a few minutes before you try to peel the labels. Taking a piece of tape and continuously blotting the sticky areas of your bottle will also help get rid of the goo. Oh, and if you're desperate, they sell this really amazing stuff at Target in the dollar section called Goo Gone (and no, this is not a sponsored post).
2. Take your painter's tape, and tape off a portion of the bottom section of your bottle (I didn't have painter's tape, so I placed a ring of sticky notes around my bottle, and secured it with packaging tape. The sticky notes were to prevent the goo from the packaging tape from sticking on to the bottle.)
3. Using your Q-Tips, paint brush, or fingers, paint the portion of your bottle that you wish to be colored, and let dry. The paint that I used required about 4 coats to not appear streaky.
4. After every layer has dried, slowly peel off the tape. Key word: SLOWLY. Since it's acrylic paint, if you go too fast, it will come off in large chunks, and it will not look pretty.



And voila! You're done. OK-- I'll admit. This isn't the best tutorial I've ever posted on here, and I'm not sure if you're even supposed to use acrylic paint on glass (probably not), but if you're bored, and if you've got the supplies lying around, I definitely recommend testing out this project. The acrylic paint actually isn't that bad on glass, as long as you don't wash, or pick at it.


Alyssa May Edwards said...

This is so cute! Definitely would be ADORABLE to stack bracelets on or even some fresh flowers:) You are always so creative!


aka Bailey said...

Excellent method to combat boredom ;) Nice one!


cleartheway said...

This is so great! Definitely would make a great bud vase if you used a small bottle.

Kate from Clear the Way

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome and easy crafting project! If you're interested, you can also paint bottles with nail polish. Probably not the whole bottle of course, but making smaller detailed designs around the rims would be cool too :-)