DIY Decorative Bows


I am incredibly lucky to have a friend like K, because she is a genius. This past weekend, while we were hanging out, K proposed the idea of making bows. Before she could say anymore, we were off to Michael's, and the fabric store. The entire process was fairly simple, and with a few tweaks to the measurements in the tutorial (link here), we were able to make a dozen different sized bows. This week, I've put a bow on the curtain in my room, in my car, and in my hair. What will you put a bow on?




Valérie said...

I love it! That looks amazing :D
Great post!


Denysia Yu said...

I made a couple of bows before too! And I love them! :)

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Pretty. Love DIY stuff. Yes, you are lucky to have K as a friend.
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Justine said...

Aw I think the now in your hair is adorable! I need to move to Seattle and become bffs with you and K!

Regine Karpel said...

Love bows!

Rebecca Ragionieri said...

post carinissimo (: Reb, xoxo.

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Ami Church said...

LOVE THESE. Especially on the back of a high bun. You amaze me, doll xo

floating thru fields said...

cute love the cat print and your quote :)

Pakize Kapan said...

Oh these are soo cute, great idea for hair bows! We are having a blog hop again, if you haven´t yet stop by and join us :-)

xoxo Pakize

Madame Keke

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

adorable :)


Jessica Estrella said...

That's amazing.. I've been searching all over etsy for bows and I never even thought to make my own!

aki! said...

I have never worn my bow under my bun. I'm going to try this tomorrow.
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