DIY Easter Candy Bouquet

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Every time I scroll through Pinterest, I end up bookmarking at least 5 things I want to make. I always say to myself, "I'm totally going to make that this weekend!", or "That'll really come in handy at [so-and-so's] party!" In reality, I've probably only ever made less than a handful of things that I said I would. This past weekend, in an attempt to try new things, I pushed myself go to Target to get the supplies for the candy bouquet you see above. It was for my younger cousin's 16th birthday. She has one of the biggest sweet tooths I know, and I figured, since I won't have a job until after I graduate, this would be the perfect low-budget present.

TOOLS: skewers (or any other type of sturdy stick), a hot glue gun, scotch tape, a tall tin or jar, Easter grass, and all of your favorite Easter goodies.

1. Stuff your tin with Easter grass. I ended up using an entire 50-cent package from Target.
2. Take a few skewers (or other type of stick) and randomly hot glue candy to one side of each stick. For extra security, use scotch tape to secure the candy to the stick. For bigger items, I found it helpful to use at least 2 sticks.
3. Stuff each stick into the Easter grass, in the tin.






Erin Fraser said...

Super cute!!!

Justine said...

so cute! I wish I saw this a couple days earlier because I dumped everything into a goodie bag (3 for $1) from Target's dollar section! I love that spot...gets me every time!