The Happiest Place on Earth


Life has been incredibly busy lately, but somehow, some way, I was able to fit in a trip to Disneyland.  I hadn't been since I was 4, and clearly, could not remember anything from that trip. G and I spent 3 days meeting various characters, snacking on fried food, going on rides, and enjoying the sun. I now understand why they call Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth. I'm still exhausted from all the walking we did, but am already thinking about how badly I want to go back.








DIY Kate Spade-Inspired Phone Case


A phone case I've been lusting over for months is the Le Pavillion model by Kate Spade. Gold polkadots, a weakness of mine, is what drew me to it. There were, however, two things stopping me from buying it: it's price, and it's quality. Even though this case is totally gush-worthy, in the end, I've got to be honest and say that it isn't worth the on-sale price of $30. But you know what is worth it? Turning this case into a DIY project. That's right. Read on if you are interested in duplicating the case you see above:


TOOLS: An old cell phone case, clear nail polish, gold multi-surface paint, Q-Tips, and a small spouncer/dabber (they look like this). If you don't have a souncer/dabber handy, grab a fatty highlighter, and a paper towel and see the tutorial below. Optional: a gold paint pen.

1. Wipe down your case with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess dirt.
2. Take your spouncer/dabber, and stamp random dots of gold multi-surface paint on to your phone. Make sure you apply the paint in thin layers so that it doesn't take too long to dry. If you don't have a spouncer/dabber, see below for a tutorial on how to make your own. Also-- this first coat of paint isn't going to be perfect. The circles may look splotchy, but DON'T PANIC. You'll fix this later.
3. Once the first coat of paint is dry, take a Q-Tip that has been dipped in paint, and patch up any unevenness.
4. Optional: once your second coat of paint is dry, take your gold paint pen, and go over all of the dots. This will ensure that each dot is evenly painted, and help perfect the edges of each one.
5. Once all the paint is dry, go over each dot with 1-2 coats of clear nail polish.

**How to make your own circular dabber:
1. Take a fatty pen or highlighter (like this one) and wrap the non-writing end with a small square of paper towel. Make sure the paper towel lies flat on the end of the marker. This will be your stamp.
2. Secure the paper towel with an elastic.


Backyard Blooms


TIP #82: An easy way to brighten up a room is with florals. If you can, use flowers from your own backyard for an extra-personal touch.

TIP #95: Don't have a vase? Use an old jar with all the labels peeled off.

This post is dedicated to one of my best friends, K, because she never ceases to be an inspiration to me. I find myself calling her K. Stewart (in place of Martha Stewart) because of her endless creative talents.




Rising Temperatures

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This past weekend, it rose up to 67 degrees in Seattle. I saw the sudden rise in temperature as the first official sign of spring in the city, and opportunity to start swapping out my winter wear for spring essentials. Everything you see in this post is what I have dug out of my closet so far.

Unfortunately, most of these pieces are no longer sold in stores (this goes to show how often I shop these days), but you can check out the following links for similar items:

1. For a top that embraces intricate cut-out detailing, check out the Dolman Cap Sleeve Sweater from Point Zero.
2. To get the nautical look, check out this striped tee from Forever 21.
3. Need a simple lace dress? Check this one out from Target (almost identical to mine).
4. The utility jacket. Need I say more? Find a similar one to mine here, at H&M.
5. For a polished look, check out this simple blazer by Frenchi.


green jacket: H&M //lace dress: Target //blazer: Nordstrom B.P. //black cut-out tank: TJ Maxx //lace tank: TJ Maxx //striped sweater: Banana Republic Outlet //white tee: Eddie Baur //mint green tank: Nordstrom B.P. //shorts: Lucky Brand DIY Cut-offs