Of all my friends, I'd have to say that R is the easiest to shop for when it comes to gifts. For the most part, we both like the same things, and all I usually have to do is think about what I want, and boom... I've got a list of ideas. This year, aside from a few store-bought items, I decided to personalize R's gift a little more by creating an illustration with all of her favorite makeup products. I've been into drawing since I was a kid, but don't have many opportunities to do it these days. I couldn't have chosen a better way to spend my Friday afternoon: doing something I love, for someone I love.



Susy Valencia said...

That's real sweet of you. And I hope she likes it.

Alyssa May Edwards said...

Oh my gosh this is so sweet!!!! You are so talented!!! I would love receiving such a thoughtful gift!!



aka Bailey said...

I love it!! Such a thoughtful homemade gift :)


floating thru fields said...

that's a really cute idea and clever too i bet it was received warmly :)

aki! said...

I really like this idea. I think I may want to do a cork board with this same idea... but unsure.

I just need something to do with my cork board!

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