So Long, GFC *Updated*


Rumor has it that the Google Friend Connect application will be gone by July of 2013. Apparently, it's had problems for a while now, so they've decided to get rid of it all together. As unfortunate as it is, with every ending, comes a new beginning.

For those of you stressing out about losing your own GFC following, or the list of blogs you wish to keep in touch with, I recommend you check out Bloglovin'. It's basically an extended version of GFC. All you need to do is make an account, and voila! You've got all of your most-loved blogs in one place again. You can find my Bloglovin' address in the sidebar, or here: Follow on Bloglovin

**Update: Only the Google Reader will be removed, for now. So, for those of you that are using the Google Reader RSS, be sure to check out Bloglovin', or other similar sites to keep in touch with all your favorite blogs.

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Eleanor said...

well I'm already following you on bloglovin' but thank you for letting me know!! :) I'll pop the news in a post on my blog too! x