Bellingham Teacups

teacups, cute, tea time, pretty, yellow walls

My twin friends, K1 and K2, who I've mentioned on here before, have a deep love for all things vintage. Over the years, I have become more and more inspired by their taste and style.

About two weeks ago, a small group of us went to visit K2, who lives waaaaaay up north in Bellingham. She showed us around town, and in addition to the AMAZING food she introduced us to, K2 took us thrifting. I had never been thrifting before "for reals", so I didn't really know what to look for, or what a good deal consisted of. I ended up finding two must-have teacups that, according to my friends, were a steal. With them being $5 and $6, I think I would have to agree.

teacups, cute, tea time, pretty, yellow walls, white furniture
If you're ever in Bellingham, I highly recommend checking out their Goodwill. It's clean, heavily stocked (with good stuff), and everything is dirt cheap. Hands down, it was the best thrift shop I had ever been to. K2 says that it's also rated one of the best secondhand stores in the country. You can't beat that.

teacups, cute, tea time, pretty, yellow walls, white furniture

teacups, cute, tea time, pretty, yellow walls, white furniture, white dresser
from L to R: gift from K, antique mall, Goodwill


Justine said...

love the cups! Great finds.

aka Bailey said...

Well it just so happens that I need to plan a trip quite soon down to Bellingham from Vancouver, BC for a big non-perishables haul! We usually head down to the Target in Bellingham once every few months to stock up on goodies, so I'm going to make sure we hit up the Goodwill next time too!

Thanks for the tip - and I loooooove those tea cups!


lesley kim said...

those are gorgeous!!

ps. do you want to follow each other?


lesley kim said...

following you back =)

Kayla said...

I'm so glad you came! I had a lovely time showing my home off to you all. I can't wait to have you up again!