Blog Design for The Meaning of the Melody

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I recently had the honor of doing a blog re-design for Kayla, the writer of The Meaning of the Melody. Kayla's request was inspired by her love for flowers and pastel colors.

I created the banner and bottom-of-the-page navigation buttons myself, and used a template from The Darling Blog for the rest of the layout. With the template, I kept everything the same, except for the navigation bar and side bar titles, which I changed to better match Kayla's request. To see the full layout, visit The Meaning of the Melody blog here!

Thanks again for the opportunity, Kayla! If anyone else is interested in changing up the look of their blog, I am currently offering custom banners and social media buttons. Email me at for details. Even if you don't want to commit, I'd still love to exchange ideas, tips, and rate information. Also, you can visit my portfolio (here) to see more of my work.



aka Bailey said...

I love it!!! The banner is beautiful :) I've been wanting to ask you to take another look at my blog's overall design but I no longer have access to an American PayPal account so I wouldn't be able to pay you for it via PayPal :( If you're open to receiving an American check (sent from Vancouver, so wouldn't take long to get to you!), we should chat about my blog!!


Kayla said...

Thanks so much for redesigning my blog! It is absolutely beautiful and just how I wanted it. It's perfect!!! I love how it fits me perfectly even though I hardly could explain what I liked. You did an excellent job!