Coffee Filter Flowers


During week's Crafternoon, my friends and I made coffee filter flowers (tutorial here). Under the instruction of my craftiest friend, K, we were able to successfully create beautiful, immortal white peonies and dahlias. When they were all finished, I couldn't help but to think of one of the only Taylor Swift songs, where she sings a line about coffee-- 'Holy Ground'. The lyrics may not make sense to you in the context of this DIY, but for me, they serve as a tribute to my idol.

A little tip regarding the flowers: in the tutorial I mentioned above, the lady recommends using a stapler to keep the coffee filters together after you've created the flower. I found it helpful to use hot glue in between every 2-3 layers, instead.






aka Bailey said...

They're lovely!!! Beautiful job, what a nice craft for an afternoon with friends :)


Aubree M said...

oh i've always wanted to try these out! great room decorations for me while on a college budget :)

so glad i was able to find your blog again after my brief period away!