Five-Minute Apple Dessert


One of my favorite fruits to use in cold-weather recipes is apples. We often have an abundance of them in the house, and just eat them as they are. Craving change this week, I decided to brainstorm a different way to use the fruit. As a person who doesn't consider herself a baker, a pie was out of the question. I eventually turned to a dear friend I was especially close to in college, the microwave, and came up with something called the Five-Minute Apple Dessert. Check it out below:

INGREDIENTS: Apples (I usually use just one for myself), ground cinnamon or cinnamon sugar, honey (optional), and butter (optional).

1. Wash your apple(s), and cut as desired. You can skin them if you want, as well, but I usually skip this step.

2. Mix the apple slices in a bowl with honey, cinnamon, and 4 tablespoons of water. There aren't really any specific measurements for the amount of honey and cinnamon you can use, as you can't go wrong with adding as much as you like. I usually use about half a tablespoon of honey, and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Optional: add butter for a more authentic apple pie taste.

3. Microwave for 2.5-3 minutes.

4. Drain the water from your mixture, and enjoy! Suggestion: for a more indulgent dessert, pair your apple(s) with vanilla ice cream or your favorite cookie.






Nora said...

So simple...I love it! I would like to make this for my work. If I made it the night before, will it last till the morning? Or should I make it at work before I serve it?

aka Bailey said...

Beautiful and easy! I love your photos :)