Loving Him Was Red


For those of you that are fans of Taylor Swift, you will know that she is currently on tour. This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to see her for the 3rd time with two of my best friends, and as you can probably guess, she was beyond amazing (more on that later). During the months leading up to the concert, I had so much excitement, I could barely contain it. I started to dream about seeing her live almost every single night, and the night before the concert, I had to falsely convince myself that the concert was actually two days away, just so that I could get some sleep.

I've been a fan of Taylor since 2006. She has impacted my life in a way that I can't really explain, and truly deserves the title of being my idol. I looked to her music during times of rejection, times of loss, times of extreme happiness, and pretty much... all the time. She's not afraid to be personal with her music, and I truly admire her for that, because her courage has helped millions.


Back to the day of the concert. Something I wasn't expecting was for the day to be incredibly stressful. A lot of things happened to my friends and I that set us back, such as heavy traffic, getting into the arena late, having the concession stand run out of food, and trying to get past crowds of people, just to climb the mountain of a staircase to get to our seats.

Despite the bad luck, I was incredibly grateful to have been at the concert, and forgot all about our struggles when Taylor began to perform. Even though I wished we could have had closer seats, Taylor's ability to reach out to every corner of our 20,000 seat stadium made our "nosebleeds" a million times better. I already cannot wait to see her the next time she comes to Washington.



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Rebecca Barnes said...

I love Taylor swift too, I know all the words to all her songs :)
Your pictures are fab, so clever with the lyrics on them!!

MissBeccabeauty xo