The Perfect Boot

top: Kensie //jeggings: Cisono via TJ Maxx //rainboots: Hunter //rings: Brandy Mellville and c/o Kitsch

Earlier this year, G surprised me with Hunter boots for my birthday. I loved everything about them, and couldn't wait to wear them. There was just, however, one small problem-- they were a little too loose around my calves. I somehow always run into this problem when trying on boots, and over the years, have complied the perfect list of solutions. If you struggle this problem too, consider the following tips:
  • Pair your boots with a pair of long pants, knee-high socks, and/or a fleece liner for extra padding.
  • With Hunter boots, check out the shorter version instead of the tall. Sometimes the shorter version, even though they may not be narrower, can have the appearance of being narrower because there is less material.
  • Look into children's sizing. For Hunter boots, Aside from the smaller size and lower price, the only difference between the children's boots and the adult ones are the reflecting patches in the back of each boot.
  • Do a lot of lunges to get ripped calves (just kidding... but really).
Have a problem with boots being too narrow? A lot of brands also make wide-calf sizing. Be sure to check it out!




Kayla said...

G is the best!!!!!!! I love that outfit, I definitely thought you made that shirt!

Anonymous said...

You should try with leg warmers