Blog Design for Dressed by NORA


I'm excited to share with you today a project I finished recently: a blog re-design for Dressed by Nora. Since I'm not an expert on html and CSS (yet!), I mostly focused on designing graphic elements to help the blog better reflect the personal styles of each of the writers.

I created two interchangeable banners, diamond social media icons, and a vintage photo-inspired profile picture with washi tape detail. For the actual page layout, I used the Pink Cupcake template by Kendra of The Darling Blog, and changed a few things to better match my vision for the design. The overall themes were being young, carefree, and feminine.

Interested in a new banner, a social media set, or blog profile picture? Please contact me at Questions and comments welcome!



aka Bailey said...

Awesome, I love it! I got your email and just want to spend some time really thinking about the response before I get back to you. Seeing your new blog designs is so inspiring!

aka Bailey

Justine said...

I love the looks! What are your rates? I am interested since I am literally technology challenged.