5 Unique Hairstyles for Second Day Hair

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After meeting so many stylish women at Blogshop, I decided that was time to add to my second day hairstyle repertoire. Here are five I'm hoping to try in the future:

1. Floral Accents
2. Knotted Ponytail
3. Braided Crown (my favorite!)
4. Braided Headband
5. Tucked Bun

braids, buns, unique hairstyles, hair model

hairstyles, braids, buns, hairstyles

hairstyles, braids, buns, hair model

hairstyles, braids, buns, hair model
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Stella said...

These hairstyles are too cute!

Stella @ stellashek

floating thru fields said...

all these are fun, i need to get more creative, thanks for the inspiration :)

ravenlocks said...

These are all such beautiful hairstyles. I love the first one! Braids are amazing for unwashed hair days. Thanks for sharing :)

xo Azu