Brandy Melville Jewelry-- Is it Worth Purchasing?

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Ah, Brandy Melville. Having only been to this store twice, I've already developed a love-hate relationship with them. I first found out about this store through Instagram and paid their Honolulu location a visit while on vacation there this past summer. My first impression of the store was positive. They had laid-back, rustic aesthetic, and friendly staff to go with it.

I think my problem was that I got too excited, too fast. Everything was extremely cheap (who could pass up $3-$5 for a dainty gold ring?!), and the cute designs didn't help. I ended up purchasing a flowy, navy tank, a necklace, and way too many rings. My total came out to be just under $20. Not bad at all.

When I got back from vacation, I started wearing the rings right away, and also gave two to my friends, K1 and K2. After a about a month and a half of daily wear, the rings began to turn a copper shade, and some even began to rust.

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A wise person once said, "You get what you pay for." Well, that was definitely true for these rings. As for the necklace, it's still OK. I'm thinking the main issue may be water exposure... but who has time to take off all their rings, every time they wash their hands? Not me.

Just so that I have it written out, and just so that it's clear: No, I would not recommend purchasing rings at Brandy Melville.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Brandy Melville clothing review!

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floating thru fields said...

yes it's true you get what you pay for, glad the necklace is still ok :)