Clean, Striped Nail Tutorial

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Lately, I've been a sucker for minimalist nail art. The look of it is clean, simple, and there's a "no fuss" vibe to it. Today, I'm going to show you how to re-create the clean, striped design you see above. Read on for the steps!

TOOLS: painter's tape (one of my favorite nail art tools), nail polish colors in white and navy, and a top coat.

striped nails, nail tutorial, pinterest nails, naked nails, opi, essie, forever 21 nail polish

1. Begin with clean, unpainted nails.

2a. For each nail you wish to paint, cut two pieces of tape. TIP: to save on supplies, since painter's tape is a little thicker, you can cut the tape again, in half, vertically. To ensure your lines are straight, always use the edge of the tape you did not cut for the edge of your stripe.

2b. Apply the tape to the nail you wish to paint. I like to use the half-moon part of my nail as a guide when it comes to making the sides even. Press down extra hard on the edges of the tape to prevent any polish from seeping through.

3. Paint your nails either navy or white. If your nail polish is thick enough (especially the lighter color), it doesn't matter which you do first.

4. Paint horizontal stripes in the alternate color on your nail. If you make the stripes in this color too thick, you can always go back, and re-touch with the first color.

5. Let dry, and peel off the tape SLOWLY. You may see some nail polish has leaked through. If this is the case, you can clean if off with a Q-Tip, nail polish remover, and a steady hand.

6. Apply a layer of top coat. WARNING: always be careful when applying top coat, because it can smear your design.

View my evil eye nail minimalist nail tutorial here.

eye ring via my Blogshop friend Moorea Seal //simple ring via Brandy Melville

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you are awesome with painters tape for a manicure :)
fun stripes