Interview with Sparrow & Nightingale, DIY Blogger

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite local bloggers, Kimber, of  Sparrow & Nightingale. Kimber is your go-to gal when it comes to DIY projects, decorating your home on a budget, and making home renovation possible without professionals.

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Be sure to check out her blog here. She recently posted a home tour, which is definitely worth checking out! Included in this post are also a few projects from her Pinterest, all of which, she has successfully conquered.

1. Where did the name Sparrow & Nightingale originate from?

Sparrow & Nightingale actually came from an episode of Doctor Who! I also have a niece who is nicknamed "Sasa Bird" and I knew I wanted my shop/blog name to be inspired by her so Sparrow & Nightingale was a great fit!

2. What is the inspiration behind your work (for both DIY projects and home improvement)?

I really wanted my home to be inviting, pretty, and cozy. I get a lot of inspiration from my favorite blogs, Young House Love, Ashley Ann, and of course Pinterest. I think Pinterest can really help you refine your style and narrow down what designs you like and don't like.

Most of my DIY projects come about because I think of something and can't find it in a store, so I make it instead. Or I see something in a store that can easily be replicated so I make it for myself instead. Like throw pillows, I NEVER buy throw pillows! I change them so often that it would be silly to spend $20 on one so instead I buy nice pillow inserts from Ikea and make my own covers for them from cute fabrics.

3. Have you ever had a "failed" project? What did you do about it?

Yes! Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. For instance, we had a cement slab with carpet over it for the floor in our family room. The carpet had seen better days and I really wanted a floor that was easier to clean. So we decided to rip the carpet out and stain/buff the slab so we'd have a polished concert floor. I've seen this all over Pinterest and on tons of blogs so it seemed like a great idea! But after we ripped the carpet up we discovered that the concrete wasn't in good condition and would need a lot or work and equipment to make it look good. So we ended up scraping the concrete floor idea and plan on installing a floating wood floor instead. So sometimes what you envision just won't work out and you have to move on to plan B.

4. What advice do you have for people struggling to decorate their home on a budget?

Goodwill, Craigslist and the clearance section at stores! The clearance section is great if you have room/time to store stuff because you can buy things at the end of the season to use next year (ex: summer decor, holiday things) Craigslist is also amazing, almost all my furniture is from Craigslist! Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to find the perfect item so you have to be patient. But there are so many great pieces on Craigslist, you just have to sort through all the junky stuff. But it's completely worth it. I also believe in "high/low" decorating which means you mix high end pieces and low end pieces together and it makes a more balanced house. So if you can't afford a super expensive sofa, look for one on Craigslist and pair it with more expensive accessories.

Thanks so much for all the wisdom, Kimber!

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