Let's Get Technical // 4 (Holiday Edition)


With Christmas being next week, I felt that it was time to create a few holiday-inspired wallpapers. This week's phone backgrounds feature a mixture of hand-drawn holiday plants (spruce trees and holly berries), and handwritten text. I still can't decide which one I'll be using!

Download 'be merry' here, and 'be bright' here!

On a more personal note, today is my first day at my new job! It's the first position I've gotten since getting my master's degree. I'm excited, but nervous about being able to make time for everything else in my life. How do you guys balance work, friends, family, and blogging? 


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aka Bailey said...

These are so cute!!!! Too bad I don't have a smartphone haha. Congrats on your new job!! Hope your first day went well :)

aka Bailey