Witch Fashion: Madison Montgomery

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If you saw my last Witch Fashion post, you'll know that my favorite character in American Horror Story: Coven, is Zoe Benson. But someone I've come to develop a love/hate relationship with is Madison Montgomery, Emma Roberts' character. She's definitely a brat at times (OK-- all the time), but there are some instances where you, as a viewer, have no choice but to give her credit for being an absolute genius.

Aside from her personality, Madison has an outrageous sense of fashion-- in a good way, of course. Being an ex-movie star, her outfits are always extravagant, yet, somehow, they're also wearable. Check out my picks below to achieve a Madison-inspired look:

1. Faux Fur Jacket via H&M $29
2. Triangle Pendant Necklace via Nordstrom $28
3. Metal Box Clutch via Nordstrom $52
4. Velvet Turban via Moorea Seal $32
5. Wide Brim Hat via Moorea Seal $30
6. Lace Headwrap via Urban Outfitters $18
7. Statement Necklace via Moorea Seal $34
8. Faux Leather Skater Skirt via Topshop at Nordstrom $76


aka Bailey said...

That style of leather skirt seems like a real wardrobe necessity - I've seen so many different fashion bloggers use those in a million different ways!

P.S. I was in a bus that broke down right on the viaduct in Seattle this weekend. We were stuck parked in the middle of the highway for over an hour... but at least it was a sunny day!!

floating thru fields said...

fun i like the necklace :)