Camel Trend

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If you search the keywords, "camel trend", you'll find articles dating back to 2009 (and possibly before). In the fashion world, that's pretty far back, considering how the life of a trend is usually no longer than a few seasons, with two or three being the maximum. When styles stick around for as long as the camel one has, they become a classic.

Paired with hues of black, white, ivory, and peach, camel can instantly add an effortless, yet sophisticated vibe to any outfit. Here are my recommended items for incorporating camel into your wardrobe, as we transition from winter to spring:

1. Wool Coat via Aritzia $250
2. Suede Boots via H&M $59.95
3. Danielle Nicole Crossbody Bag via Nordstrom $58
4. Oversized Round Glasses via Forever 21 $5.80
5. Suit Pants via H&M $34.95
6. Leopard Print Interior Sunglasses via Nordstrom $22
7. Camden Tote via Madewell $188
8. V-Neck Top via H&M $9.95


Eleanor said...

AAAAAND of course i'm loving the 188 dollar bag. such a great colour though!

aka Bailey said...

Oooh I really like those H&M booties!