Mermaid Nails

mermaid nails, zoya charla

Things have been hectic lately. I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I added a little bit of freelance work to my schedule, on top my full-time job. Yes, it's a lot, and it keeps me busy, but I absolutely love it. Before I started working, I thought a lot about how I would pursue both my passions (psychology and graphic design/blogging) at the same time. I'm finally doing it, but there are a lot of things I need to change. I'm balancing work and the freelance stuff perfectly, but I need to find a way to fit friends and family into the mix. The good news is that I'm slowly figuring out what I can give up versus what I need to keep, in terms of work. You live and you learn. *sigh*

As for self-care things, if you're following me on Instagram, you'll see that I've been going out for ice cream a lot lately. Ice cream dates are pretty much the highlight of my week, every week... along with the Jasmine Thompson station on Pandora. Is it even possible for every single song to be amazing on one channel?

If you've read this far, you're probably thinking, "What does this post have to do with mermaid nails?" Well, I realized that even though there are a lot of people are on Instagram, not all my readers on here are. Here are a few pictures I posted a while back of my nails painted with 'Charla' by Zoya. I had just watched a documentary on mermaids on the Discovery Channel, and was tempted to have mermaid-esque nails. So, there there you go!

mermaid nails, zoya charla

mermaid nails, zoya charla
pop can vase: Target $4 SALE


Mugdha G said...

Love this color and it's great to hear you're doing both the things you love!

Lindsay Beard said...

The docufiction ahahahahaha! We're you there for that lunch when we discussed the mermaids mocks entry? Too funny, love the pics in this entry

Justine said...

Your collection of dainty shells is so cute! I have a small shell collection on my dresser. As always, I admired your abilities to paint nails! You are so sweet - don't be so hard on yourself, blogging/commenting is suppose to be fun! And I still need to get back to you on my blog banner, I did not forgets. Still need to figure out what I want...<3